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Product description

Colossal Bass I

Colossal Bass I marks the beginning of Colossal Bass Instruments. It features a Warwick Corvette Standard 5-String bass with active MEC J/J pickups, tracked using D'Addario Pro Steels that deliver a crystal clear top end while still retaining plenty of power and punch. Each note was multi-sampled for both up and down picks. Pair that with our Intelligent Alternate Picking algorithm, and you've got a MIDI bass instrument that sounds like the real deal.

Colossal Bass II

Colossal Bass II features a Music Man StingRay Stealth 4 HH, and is our most realistic sounding MIDI bass instrument yet. It was sampled using D'Addario Pro Steels which deliver a crystal clear top end while still retaining plenty of power and punch. One of the new features for Colossal Bass II is our velocity humanization algorithm. This works in realtime by randomizing the MIDI velocity for each note +- the value given by the user (1 - 30). Also new for CB2 are multi-sampled, speed-adjustable slides.

As with Colossal Bass I, each note was multi-sampled for both up and down picks, which works alongside our intelligent alternate picking algorithm to produce an extremely realistic sounding MIDI bass instrument. You'll have to hear it to believe it!

Colossal Bass I & II include (3) pre-processed tones, along with the DI. After your purchase, you will receive a download containing all 4 NKI's for both instruments, along with the samples library for each.

*NOTE* Colossal Bass I/II require(s) Native Instruments Kontakt 5, or the free Kontakt 5 Player.
Kontakt 5 PLAYER users: You will still receive the full Colossal Bass Instrument with all features, but are limited to 15 minutes of use at a time. To earn another 15 minutes of use, simply remove Kontakt from your MIDI track, re-add Kontakt and reload Colossal Bass. Alternatively, you can always export your Colossal track and import into the session on a new audio track for a permanent solution in your project.

CB2 Pre-Processed Tones

B7K Patch:
The B7K patch was created using a Darkglass Microtubes B7K bass preamp for its drive, and was blended with a track sent through a SansAmp RBI for low end.

BSN Patch:
The BSN patch was carefully modeled after the bass tone from Circa Survives Blue Sky Noise album, using a modified ProCo Rat with an LM308 chip. This patch was also sent through a SansAmp RBI for its low end.

PSA1 Patch:
The PSA1 patch was made using a plugin model of the SansAmp PSA-1. This patch features heavy distortion, and gets its low end from a SansAmp RBI.


Carson Slovak

Carson Slovak

Atrium Audio  -  (August Burns Red, From Ashes to New, Texas In July)

I’ve done a few albums now where we’ve used a midi bass instrument and I’ve never been able to get it to sit right, especially in heavy mixes. Colossal sounds excellent right out of the box. I used it recently for the first time on a full-length and was amazed at how little it took to sound awesome in my mix. It’s now my go-to for a midi bass instrument.

Chris Foster

Chris Foster

First Strike Recordings  -  (Slaughter To Prevail, Acrania, It Prevails)

If you are looking for a midi bass instrument that delivers and will not sound blatantly fake in the mix, look no further! Whether you are mixing deathmetal, hardcore or even rock, you will be able to make Colossal Bass sit in a way that will compliment your mix as a whole.

Sam Bassal

Sam Bassal

(Ocean Grove, Void Of Vision, Endless Heights)

I believe I purchased Colossal back in 2014, and I’ve honestly used it in almost every mix I’ve done ever since. Whether it be rock, pop, hardcore etc it will work perfectly straight out of the box. The only MIDI bass instrument I’ll ever use. Try it for yourself and try prove me wrong.